It Had To Be You

December 7-10
Almonte Old Town Hall

They say opposites attract, but there have been few more opposite than Theda and Vito in It Had to Be You. This delightful comedy is about Theda Blau, a zany, eccentric, failed actress, health food nut, and wannabe playwright in search of love and success in New York. She meets Vito Pignoli, a hugely successful TV commercial producer. By holding him hostage in her apartment one snowy evening, she somehow manages to convince him to be her partner both on the page and off.

It Had To be You is a romp, running from seemingly unconnected event to another even more outrageously unconnected event until you realize that everything is completely and fundamentally interconnected. Wonderfully funny and relentlessly honest, this play and its two characters is utterly engaging. It runs along at a breakneck speed, by turns laugh-out-loud funny and then heart-wrenching, it is the story of two people who are strongly independent, and both committed to their own truths, foibles and follies.